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TCA Fish Farms has been providing excellent services in pond stocking and pond construction since 1992. We specialize in raising top quality fish for pond stocking. We have a wide variety of South Carolina native freshwater species that can be delivered or picked up from our farm. Our farm is centrally located in South Carolina and can provide healthy and sustainable species of fish to your ponds. Our trained team also provides professional pond construction. If you’re looking for a fish expert that can help with all things fish, contact our team today.

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TCA Fish Farms Pond Stocking

Pond Stocking

TCA Fish Farms raises top quality fish for pond stocking. We have a variety of native freshwater fish and will help you find the healthiest fish to benefit your pond. We offer our pond stocking services in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

TCA Fish Farms Pond Construction

Pond Construction

TCA Fish Farms provides excellent pond construction services. We are the only company that can do a turn key job – construction and fish. If you’re looking to build a pond in your area, we will build your pond and give a 15% discount on fish for all ponds we build. We offer our pond construction and management services in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

TCA Fish Farms Fish Delivery

Fish Delivery

TCA Fish Farms offer a variety of freshwater fish that can be delivered to your pond. Our fish include Largemouth Bass, Bream, Shellcracker, Shad, Crappie, Hybrid Striped Bass, and Catfish. We deliver fish in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

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