Fish Delivery, Pick- Up, & Pond Construction

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If you’re looking for pond stocking, pond construction or fish delivery, Our Fish Farm has got you covered. Text, call, fill out our form or email us today to set up an appointment or get a free quote. 

Fish Pick- Up

If you want to pick up your fish, please contact ahead to schedule an appointment. This gives us ample time to gather fish from ponds so that your fish are ready to be loaded when you arrive. Pick up will be at our farm. We are located at 1034 Werts Road, Silverstreet, South Carolina. 

Fish Delivery 

For fish deliveries, we will need to set-up an appointment. We will need your name, phone number, pond address, and (type of fish/quantity) and any special delivery instructions you may have. TCA Fish Farms delivers fish to South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. 

Pond Building & Stocking

Getting some guidance before beginning a new pond or trying to fix an existing one is always a smart option. Our 30 years of expertise assisting individuals on the management of trophy ponds of various shapes and sizes qualifies us as an outstanding option to assist you in establishing and maintaining your pond. We guarantee customer satisfaction and give expertise to help our customers bring their ponds to their full health potential. 

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Fish Delivery, Pick-up or Pond Construction

    Fish Delivery Hybrid Striped Bass

    Pond Stocking

    TCA Fish Farms raises top quality fish for pond stocking. We have a variety of native freshwater fish and will help you find the healthiest fish to benefit your pond. We offer our pond stocking services in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

    Pond Construction for fish delivery

    Pond Construction

    TCA Fish Farms provides excellent pond construction services. We are the only company that can do a turn key job – construction and fish. If you’re looking to build a pond in your area, we will build your pond and give a 15% discount on fish for all ponds we build. We offer our pond construction and management services in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

    Fast and quality fish delivery

    Fish Delivery

    TCA Fish Farms offer a variety of freshwater fish that can be delivered to your pond. Our fish include Largemouth Bass, Bream, Shellcracker, Shad, Crappie, Hybrid Striped Bass, and Catfish. We deliver fish in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.