Fish Farm History

About the Farm

TCA Fish Farm was incorporated in 1977. Over the years, TCA Fish farms acquired several rural farms to grow timber. These farms had a generous supply of clean water. Because of the excellent water source, we decided to start growing fish. In 1992, we selected the Hybrid Striped Bass as our first fish to grow. As of today, we offer pond stocking, construction, and fish delivery services. Our farm has a wide variety of native freshwater fish. Our fish can be delivered or picked up from our farm in Silverstreet, South Carolina.

Fish Farm recognition for pond stocking


In 2008, TCA Fish Farm was featured on ETV's "Making It Grow" TV show. Viewers saw the farm, our ponds and the fish . The show is sponsored by South Carolina ETV and Clemson University.

Our Awards

TCA Fish Farms was presented the Meritorious Service Award on, January 2001 by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Board. The award was given for dedicated service and personal commitment in the conservation of South Carolina’s natural resources.

Fish Farm located in South Carolina

Since 1992, TCA Fish Farms has provided exceptional pond and fish stocking services. TCA provides a large selection of native freshwater species from South Carolina that may be delivered or picked up. Our fish include Hybrid Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Bream, Crappie, Shellcracker, Shad and Catfish. Our team does an excellent job providing healthy high quality fish to any pond and will make sure your pond is at optimum health. TCA Fish Farms will deliver fish to North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Not only do we specialize in stocking ponds, TCA is the only company to offer both pond construction and fish stocking. In addition, we give a 15% discount on fish purchased for ponds we build.